One day I read that it is more expensive for magazines to pay for a good phostoshop session than to hire a slightly more photogenic supermodel.
Sometimes it strikes me what the real value of different techniques is inside the graphic and entertainment industries. And it is surprising how good these professionals are at playing with the consumer's attention.
Are those that felt so fascinated by the obvious artificiality of Avatar, the ones that are more easily deceived by day to day media? Do you think you can always see the smoke and mirrors?


El Tercero y el Septimo

Very beautiful FG* film by Alex Roman. It is an interesting piece in spite of the lack of plot and the abstract message. Although the background topic is the art of architecture, the photographic medium is the protagonist here. It visually talks about the games of structure and light, relying on the selection of multiple angles and changes of focus points to guide the observer across this hybrid scenery of organic and artificial shapes. This way, the technique defines the pace of the movie and blends easily with the background music.

Light, focus and texture are the only protagonists here. A film about how to look at things.

You will regret not watching it in High Definition and full screen mode.

The Third
& The Seventh

*Computer Generated or Computer Graphics